Viktoria - Personal Trainer

Hi 👋 my name is Viktoria and I'm glad found my page! My passion is weight lifting & living a healthy lifestyle, without compromises! Have a look through to see why you should pick me! 🤝

✨ Who am I?

I'm a girl who is crazy about helping others reach their goals. Before discovering the gym, I was a complete mess. I was overweight, unhealthy & had no aspirations. I took all that negative energy and used every last drop to completely transform my life. After many years of studying, researching & taking a personal training course, I'm confident I can help you reach your goals - no matter your situation.


  • Fat loss through exercise & nutrition
  • Body recompositioning
  • Muscle gaining (Bodybuilding)
  • Sport-specific training (Athletic)
  • Strength development (Powerlifting or sports)
  • Injury prevention techniques
  • Developing & training for explosive power
  • Yoga & mobility drills for performance
  • General strength training (Combination of muscle gaining & maintaining an aesthetic physique)
  • Working with elderly & people from different ethnicities

Let's work together!

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